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Scientific instrumentation for materials properties and chemistry analysis. Technical and application support, accessories, consumables and materials. Engineering and adaptation of instruments for specific applications. Exclusive and official distributor of leading world manufacturers. Atomic spectroscopy. Spectrometers: DC-Arc, ICP-OES, ED-XRF, GD-MS, TOF-ICP-MS, KEMS, Mercury analyzers. Flame Photometers. Laser ablation systems for ICP-MS. Molecular spectroscopy. Spectrometers: Raman, CD, FTIR, IR-microscopes, UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometers, spectrofluorometers, polarimeters. Chromatography. HPLC. SFC, SFE, headspace and Purge and Trap systems. Analyzers of specific surface, pores distribution, chemisorption, true density. Particle size analyzers from nano to millimeters in liquids, air, powders. Viscosimeters. Recirculators and chillers. Optical tensiometers. Water and acids purification. Laboratory microcompounders. Magnetometers.


LAMO, Teledyne Leeman Labs, Teledyne Cetac, Teledyne Tekmar, Quantachrome, JASCO Co., ISS, Xenemetrix, BWB, OLYMPUS InnovX, MAASSEN, PALAS, Equilab, Cilas, ELGA Labwater, Savillex, LAMY Rheology, MECC, Polyscience, WYATT Tecnology, Xplore Instruments, Laboratorio Elettrofisico, Environmental Express, Buck Scientific