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About company

RVS LLC is the official authorized supplier of the well known producers of laboratory and test equipment: Testing (Germany) — quality control of cement, concrete, and other construction materials; HORIBA (Japan) - analyzers of sulfur and laser analyzers of the sizes of particles for the oil and gas industry; TOP TECH (Taiwan) - sample preparation for research of a structure of metal and mineralogical samples; NX MET (France) - consumables for preparation of samples for metallographic and petrographic researches; Endecotts (great Britain) – sieving machines and sieves for particle size analysis; Fluxana (Germany) –presses and fusion machines for sample preparation for XRF; Memmert (Germany) - drying oven, vacuum, water and oil baths, climatic chambers, etc.; LTF (Italy) - measuring projectors and altimeters for high-precision measurement of parts of all shapes of medium and small sizes in mechanical engineering.


Horiba, Testing, Endecotts, Fluxana, TOP TECH, NX MET, WALDNER, MEMMERT, LTF