Cleanroom Instruments, NPC, Ltd.

123182, Russia, Moscow, 2, bldg 1, Akademika Kurchatova str.

Telephone number

+7 (499) 1967727; +7 (499) 1967594



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About company

NPC Cleanroom Instruments Ltd. offers instruments for testing all cleanroom’s parameters according ISO 14644-3 standard: aerosol or liquid particle counters, aerosol generators; temperature and relative humidity, airflow, pressure difference control instruments, microbiological samplers. We are exclusive distributor for Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions (USA) and Topas GmbH (Germany). Our company offers cleanroom facility monitoring systems, including project, turnkey mounting, validation. Our staff can help you for cleanroom sertification and qualification. We have authorized service center for warranty, annual calibration, repair, maintenance of instruments. Our company provides personnel training by subject "Actual requirements for quality assurance of air parameters cleanroom control. Methods, instruments, equipment".


Lighthouse W.S.