199106, Russia, Saint Petersburg, office 9.06, lit. A, 15/2, 26 line, V.O.

Telephone number

+7 (812) 3255502



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About company

ANALIT is a group of companies that has its offices in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, N. Novgorod and Ufa, one of Russia's largest providers of analytical and testing instruments. ANALIT offers comprehensive solutions for the equipping of laboratories, supplies equipment, consumables, furniture, provides methodological and service support and training (providing the certificates of professional development). It also has its own accredited laboratory. ANALIT company is not only a supplier, but also a developer and manufacturer of laboratory equipment. We test the created equipment on the basis of our own laboratory. Currently, we develop and produce sorption samplers for soil gas analysis, original high-tech auxiliary equipment for trace spectral analysis and specialized chromatographic systems for petrochemical, chemical, oil refineries and laboratories.


Shimadzu; Antec ;Anton Paar; BioChromato; Buchi; Sartorius; Envsin; EnSpectr; HTA; LabTech; MARKES Int.; Sineo; PSS;Expert