ROSHIMREAKTIV, Association of designers, manufacturers and suppliers of chemical products and labware

107076, Russia, Moscow, PO Box 25

Telephone number

+7 (495) 2236101



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About company

Association ROSHIMREAKTIV unites more than 20 companies. These are manufacturers and suppliers of chemical products, laboratory equipment and instruments. It was founded in 2001. The Association is an organizer of the different conferences, round tables, seminars and other specialized events, provides market researches of chemical products and laboratory equipment in Russia. ROSHIMREAKTIV is a co-organizer and a participant of the exhibition “Analitika Expo”. Members of the Association supply about 4000 names of different chemicals and garanted reagents both domestic and imported. The volume of shipped goods, works and services in 2008 amounted to about 2,5 billion rubles. The total production area covers more than 10,9 thousand sq. m. The total storage area is more than 85,6 thousand sq.m.