Laminated plastics plant

195248, Russia, St. Petersburg, 84, shosse Revolucii

Telephone number

+8 (800) 2223378; +7 (812) 4585947



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About company

«LAMINATED PLASTICS PLANT» is industrial enterprise of the Russian Federation that manufactures and supplies decorative high-pressure paper-based plastic laminate sheets, also called HPL plastic. Decorative plastic is offered on the market for various industries under the trade mark SLOPLAST. The company manufactures several types of plastic including: compact-laminate for interior design of high-traffic premises (railway and bus stations, lobbies, hubs); facade plastic for exterior finishing in the system of suspended ventilated facades; postforming laminates for manufacturing kitchen facades and table tops; decorative plastic for production of furniture and interior design elements, HPL with a surface resistant to aggressive environments. Due to its biocidal properties, the material can be used in "clean" rooms, laboratories, and various medical institutions.


Sloplat, Stenopan, Stenopan ECO