Helicon Company

121374, Russia, Moscow, 88, Kutuzovskiy prospect

Telephone number

+8 (800) 7707121; +7 (499) 7055050




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About company

Since 1997, one of the leading Russian suppliers of equipment, reagents and consumables for research in the fields of genomics, cell biology, proteomics and metabolomics. Areas of activity: molecular and cellular biology, bioindustry, forensics, veterinary medicine, food safety, clinical diagnostics. The product portfolio includes more than 40 global brands. The company has an R&D devision and manufactures its own Heliсon brand equipment: consumables and accessories for vertical and horizontal electrophoresis, gel-documentation systems, magnetic racks for the isolation of nucleic acids, etc. Developed logistics and warehouse network allows Helicon to deliver orders promptly without delay. The company has representative offices in St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Rostov-on-Don, Voronezh and Yekaterinburg.


BGI/MGI, QIAGEN, Bio-Rad; Beckman Coulter; Fluidigm; Merck; BMG Labtech; Eppendorf; SSI