Ryazan Lollipop History Museum

390000, Russia, Ryazan, 14/2 Sobornaya str.

Telephone number

+7 (4912) 997721; +7 (961) 1307721





About company

The History of Ryazan Lollipop Museum is a modern educational multimedia interactive project aimed at preserving and promoting the historical heritage of Russia and the Ryazan region. The museum is located right in the very heart of Ryazan, next to the Kremlin, in the Cathedral Park. The colorful and stylish exposition of the "sweetest" Ryazan museum is stylized as 18-19 centuries. In the first hall of the museum, visitors can get acquainted with the history of sugar making in Russia and in the Ryazan Territory. The second hall is decorated in the form of a part of the old sugar factory of the famous Ryazan sugar-maker and nobleman Nikolay Shishkov. During the guided tour with an interactive show, it tells where and how the ancient "formula" of Russian sugar. There is a tea and souvenir shop at the museum, where you can buy gastronomic souvenirs and try famous Ryazan Karavajtsi - pancakes.


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