Petrovskaya Akvatoria, scale model museum of St. Petersburg and suburbs

191186, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Malaya Morskaya str., 4/1, SC “Admiral” 6 floor

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+7 (812) 9334152; +7 (812) 9334152



About company

«Petrovskaya Akvatoria» represents reconstruction of the most significant sights of St. Petersburg and suburbs, related to the city and Russian fleet origin, from Peter the Great’s till Catherine the Great’s era, recreated according to engravings and archive sources. Unusual format of the museum – scale model – makes it possible to get a bird’s eye view of St. Petersburg. For the first time the main sights of St. Petersburg and suburbs are collected in one place, they may be admired at any weather, and the fountains are in operation for the visitors in all seasons. It is the only place where it is possible to see how St. Petersburg and the main imperial residences looked like three centuries ago and what located in the place of nowadays famous buildings and architectural complexes.