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About company

Do you have a dream? Do you strive for something more? Then come to Lake Baikal. We as Siberians, believe Baikal is a very special place, that can help to realise your hidden potential. Baikal is one of few places around the world where you can gather all your energy spent on negative emotions and feelings, and direct it into realising of your dreams. We will arrange the trip in which you will have a rest and gain strength for future achievements. We know and love Lake Baikal. We organise group and private tours from the North to the South of Baikal. You will get new experience - Russian sauna on the lakeside, sunrise and sunset, romantic dinner in ice cave in winter and in taiga forest with beautiful views in summer, taste Baikal, and see more, because we can add extra activities even into a group tour. Welcome to Baikal!