Golden Horde Ethnopark

, Russia, Irkutsk region, Us't-Ordynsky, 72 km Irkutsk - Kachug route

Telephone number

+7 (999) 6850885; +7 (924) 8374838



About company

Golden Horde Ethnopark is located in a picturesque landscape on the way to Baikal lake, on the way to Olkhon island. We invite our guests to have a close look to the unique nomad culture of locals - buryats, which have been kept for centuries. Ethnopark is a place where cultural identity, traditional religion and the nomad cuisine are at one place. You could sink deep into culture and everyday life in a complex of traditional yurts. We present traditional entertaining shows where our guests are becoming a part of it with dancing and singing. Master classes of different kind are also available, including sports, dancing, cuisine classes. In some yurts they are exhibitions of local artists and craftsmen, the production of who could be bought as souveniors. Golden Horde Ethnopark is also famous for it's nomad kitchen. A big variety of gastronomy sets could fit any lover of good food.