Anabar Tur

647460, Russia, Khatanga, st. Norilskaya 10-6

Telephone number

+7 (950) 9774092




About company

LLC "Anabar Tour" was registered on October 16, 2020 with the aim of developing Arctic tourism and promoting tourism products in the Khatanga region and not only. Our company organizes recreation in Khatanga of various categories of complexity. You have the opportunity to take part in trips as part of a group with other members, or develop your own unique itinerary with us.We also work with foreign guests from different countries:Japan,China,Europe and the whole world.There is an English-speaking guide on these routes. Every year more and more Russians and citizens of foreign countries go on vacation to our area, which is becoming more like a lifestyle than a luxury. To see the beauty of the Northern Lights,wild Reindeer,taste delicious dishes, and also learn the simplicity of the character of local residents in our time is not a big deal,you just have to visit our places,and we are ready to do everything in our favor. Waiting for you! Best regards,LLC "Anabar Tour" Khatanga.