350012, Russia, Krasnodar, Krasnye Partizan str., KNIISKH im. Lukyanenko (Central Estate)

Telephone number

+7 (861) 2227503; + (1)



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About company

AST LLC is an international company operating in the agricultural and construction machinery market for more than 18 years, with a staff of 700 people. The 30 company branches are presented in 20 regions of Russia and 1 in Belorussia, more than 20 500 sq. m of own warehouses, 900 mln. rub. spare parts warehouses, which always have 92% of all assortment necessary for our clients. The faithfulness of our way is confirmed by thousands of people, whose work has become easier and more effective. And we do not intend to stop at what we have achieved. Our company's mission: We put the most advanced scientific and technological advances in mechanical engineering at the service of mankind.


Техника: Ensign, Topcon, Irritech, Manitou, PVT, Krone, XAG,Gregoire Besson, Amazone, Basak. Запасные части: Lubex, Keba, MaxiForce, Агроколеса Белогорья, Michelin, Piippo, John Deere, Rota.