Auerhammer Metallwerk GmbH

08280, Germany, Aue, Hammerplatz 1

Telephone number

+49 (3771) 2720



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About company

Since 1526, the German company Auerhammer Metallwerk has been an internationally successful manufacturer of semi-finished metal products focusing on nickel-containing alloys. The product portfolio includes cold-rolled cladded strips, such as the special forms thermostatic bimetal strips (i.e. for circuit breakers), coin strips (i.e. for euro coins) or multilayer composites (i.e. for bearing shells). Furthermore, metal strips and ultra-thin metal foils complete the assortment. The customized metal strips are used in all metalworking industries, such as the electrical, automotive, energy, aerospace as well as measurement and medical industry. Specific material combinations and technological processing enable achieving the physical material properties required for each specific application.