Antagro, LLC

105187, Russia, Moscow, Izmaylovskoe shosse 73b, office 10

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+7 (499) 1665849



About company

Scraped surface heat exchangers, continuous butter and emulsification equipment used for processing of margarine, butter, spreads, shortening, puff pastry and other industrial fats. Packing machines for filling and wrapping of butter, margarine, spreads in bricks of different formats (100-1000g) and cups of different shapes and type of sealing. Processing lines for fresh and fermented dairy products such as yoghurt, fresh cream cheese, desserts and vegetable/plant based fermented products. Homogenizers, plate heat exchangers, valves, pumps and other components for the food industry by SPX FLOW APV. Specializing in unique Direct Steam Injection cooking systems for the pasteurization, UHT and aseptic production of processed cheese, pasta filata/mozzarella, cream cheese, meat products, pet food, mayonnaise sauces, baby food, fruit and vegetable puree and more. Also offered are unique mixing/blending, grinding, de-aeration, cooling and filtering solutions. Process lines for semi-hard and hard cheese production, as well as, soft cheese of French type, equipment for cheese coating application. See also «SPX FLOW Gerstenberg Schröder», «SPX FLOW APV», «Natec Network - Gold Peg International», «Elten DERO GROUP».


SPX FLOW Gerstenberg Schröder, SPX FLOW APV, Natec Network - Gold Peg International, Elten DERO GROUP