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About company

PLC «AltaLact» is young and fast developing company on the market of starter cultures for dairy products. The company was founded in 2010. The specialists of the company have twenty years’ experience in using starter cultures at factories all over Russia, primarily as technologists and directors of dairy factories. It was decided to choose the production place of the starter cultures in Italy. «Mediterranea Biotecnologie» has highly equipped base for production starter cultures, twenty years’ experience activity in European market and international certificates such as: ISO, HASSP, HALAL and KOSHER certification. PLC «AltaLact» tightly cooperates with research institutions that helps in adaptation of starter cultures to standarts of Russian production. The main priority of our work is collaboration, technological maintenance and connection with the clients, who trust us to participate in production process with using starter cultures ALTALACT. Nowadays PLC «AltaLact» has its own trade mark, extensive client base in many regions of Russia and a lot of plans in the future. We offer You "Good starter cultures for Your business"


trade mark "Altalact"