Adamas, PE

01013, Ukraine, Kiev, Promyshlennaya St., 3

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+38 (044) 2857706; +38 (044) 2857706



About company

Company "Adamas" (from ancient Greek Αδάμας - "indestructible", "diamond") - works in the market of food equipment since 1998. The company was awarded the Gold Medal "Quality Mark" by the expert Council of the International Quality Mark as a manufacturer of modern, high-tech equipment. The equipment of the Adamas company is presented in Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Estonia. Many years of experience allows to create integrated solutions for the food industry and produce a wide range of equipment which meets all requirements of modern food production The main equipment assortment includes: Plate scraper butter-making system (ADM-K series); Plate scraper butter making machine (ADM series), Plate scraper pasteurizers, pasteurization-cooling equipment; boilers-melters for the production of processed cheese and boilers-coagulators for the production of cottage-cheese; pump equipment. The equipment of the ADAMAS company is reliable, universal, ergonomic, automated. The team of constructors and engineers carries out research and development work that allows to introduce innovations. This reduces the cost, leads to an increase in the volume and variety of products, ensures high quality of the product, which demanded in both domestic and foreign markets. Thanks to the developed design solutions, provides energy efficiency, compactness of equipment and less labor input during maintenance are provided. The complete set is made on technical base of the European producers . The equipment is made of high quality stainless steel. Also, the company provides various types of service and technical support to its customers throughout the life of the equipment.