125367, Russia, Moscow, bld. 5, 1, Gabrichevsky str.

Telephone number

+7 (495) 3800761



About company

The company ADVANTA offers food additives for production of dairy, meat and fish products as well as packaging materials (films, sausage casings of all types and cheese-coatings), detergents and inventory. For dairy and cheese producers the company supplies starter cultures of biofactory Sacco for all types of fermented milk products and cheeses, as well as white and blue molds, probiotic and protecting cultures, compounds for production of cream cheese, ingredients for pizza-cheese, cheeses of Feta types, emulsifying salt for melted cheeses, stabilizing systems for fermented products and for the increase of thermal resistance of milk, components for increase of cottage cheese yield, milk-clotting enzymes, lysozyme and preservatives. The specialists of the company provide technological support, visit factories and introduce import-substituting technologies.