Alexander Braun

105264, Russia, Moscow, 9-ya Parkovaya st., 37

Telephone number

+7 (495) 7376969; +8 (800) 4441467



[email protected]

About company

ALEXANDER BROWN is one of the leading gross and retail suppliers on the Russian market of design paper, flocked (velvet), bookbinding materials and kraft papers. For 30 years, our company has maintained a high quality standard on the market, constantly searching and establishing contacts with reliable manufacturers, world leaders in the pulp and paper industry. You can always find binding and flocked materials, as well as exclusive design papers for premium and luxury packaging, author's works and high-class artistic printing. This diversity gives our customers freedom of choice for the implementation of the most daring and bold creative projects. The geography of product deliveries covers all of Russia and the CIS countries, thanks to a well-established logistics scheme, quick communication between the warehouse and the office, and professional support for each order by our managers. We also try ourselves in the field of our own production - supplying the market with high-quality kraft packaging paper and corrugating paper. Our laboratory carefully controls the quality of all batches of paper produced.


Marmarise, Mersin, Manisa, Aurora, Yasmin, Dalaman, Kayseri, Kiris, Calista