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About company

«BREEZ - Climate Systems» has been a comprehensive supplier of climate equipment since 1993. The company has always been an active participant in the development of the climate market, creating new products, introducing modern technologies, while staying faithful to the traditions and following the principles of honest and open partnership. Over the past few years, the company has taken a huge step forward and keeps moving beyond. According to the independent marketing agency Litvinchuk Marketing, BREEZ-Climatic Systems is one of the largest suppliers of climate equipment in Russia. • №2 in sales of air conditioning systems: split systems, multi split systems, light-commercial air conditioners, portable air conditioners • №2 in sales of VRF-systems • №3 in sales of chillers • №4 in sales life environmental systems: household humidifiers and air purifiers The company also provides qualified technical support and service for professional engineering companies and installers, cooperates with design organizations in the field of present-day engineering solutions. Experts of the technical support department help to select equipment, develop comprehensive technical solutions for various projects, including complex and non-standard ones. 24 Distribution Centers work for the sake of partners’ convenience and service improvement, covering the entire territory of Russia as well as Kazakhstan. During the AirVent 2023 exhibition, BREEZE - Climate Systems is presenting the following equipment: • 2 in 1: inverter split-systems + breather ROYAL Clima