630075, Russia, Novosibirsk, Ulitsa Tankovaia, 72-404, Novosibirsk, 630075, Russia

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About company

PANOVA TECH, LTD. develops, manufactures, and improves heat recovery components for HVAC systems. The company produces two main types of heat exchangers: • Plated cross-flow heat exchangers (RPX) • Rotary heat exchangers (RRK) PANOVA TECH, LTD. today is Russia's largest producer of plated cross-flow heat exchangers and one of the main drivers of import substitution in the heat recovery sector. PANOVA heat exchangers: • have high technical characteristics, • work reliably in Russian climate in many commercial and industrial facilities, • remain affordable, unlike those from our foreign counterparts; and • have short lead time. Spotlight on energy savings Energy efficiency policy around the world, including in our country, is aimed at the development and implementation of energy-saving devices and technologies in various areas of our lives. PANOVA heat exchangers have been an important element of complex energy saving systems for several years and are used in various commercial and industrial facilities: • hotels • hospitals • swimming pools • gyms • offices • production PANOVA. We make heat recovery possible.