Android technics, Scientific-Production Association, JSC

109518, Russia, Moscow, 23, Grayvoronovskaya st.

Telephone number

+7 (495) 2260299; +7 (495) 2261299



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About company

SPA “Android Technics” (SPA “AT”) is an innovative enterprise established in 2009. SPA “AT” specializes in the development, production, maintenance of robotic complexes (RC) for various purposes, including biomorphic. The company’s developments are used in the fields of education, medicine, industry and space exploration. At the moment, more than 120 robotic systems and complexes for various purposes have been developed, some of them are mass-produced. SPA “AT” has got protected intellectual property (more than 60 patents). SPA “AT” takes an active part in the work of the interdepartmental working group “Robotics Laboratory” and heads the subprogram “Priority work on the development of the key technology “Internal state sensors, drives and manipulators”.