127474, Russia, Moscow, 60, Dmitrovskoe highway

Telephone number

+7 (495) 5858815; +7 (495) 2740102



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About company

ASEPTICA is one of the leading Russian companies in the field of pharmaceutical and medical engineering and specializes in four areas: DESIGN - Development of projects for pharmaceutical enterprises, biotechnological institutions and medical facilities (laboratories, vivaries, stem cell banks, etc.), as well as reconstruction and modernization projects. VALIDATION - All types of works on validation/qualification and audit of enterprises of different industries, having clean premises and complex technological equipment. TEST EQUIPMENT - Development of test equipment for pharmaceutical analysis and validation, as well as devices for monitoring the quality of medicines. STAINLESS STEEL FURNITURE - Development and supply of various structures of stainless steel furniture, taking into account all technical requirements and standards. For all types of works the company has the necessary permits.