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121596, Russia, Moscow, Gorbunova st. 2 building 3 BC Grand Setun Plaza

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About company

Buhler-AHS is a leading manufacturer of professional autonomous adiabatic humidification systems with a wide range of applications: in residential, office, administrative, public and industrial premises. The company was founded in 2007. The range of equipment was assembled on the basis of a machine-building holding in Canada, but in 2023 production was moved to Europe (France). At the starting of the sanctions, our company Buhler AHS Industry, the official distributor of Buhler-AHS, established a successful parallel import. Having its own service center and several showrooms in Moscow at the moment, it continues to develop its dealer network throughout the country, and its own warehouse with a great number of finished equipment and spare parts for its maintenance, allows you to feel confident in us as reliable partners and quality suppliers!


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